Market opportunity

  • There are currently around 50 million Alzheimer’s patients worldwide. Due to ever-increasing life expectancy it is estimated the number of patients suffering from this disease will raise to 80 million by 2030 and 152 million by 2050.
  • Current economic costs related to the Alzheimer’s disease overcomes GDP of many large economies and will further grow, even if new expensive therapies will be introduced.
  • The costs associated with care for dementia patients are expected to rise by 2050 as high as 8% pf world GDP unless an effective treatment is found.
  • Alzheimer’s disease represents major health, social and economic burden for families, communities, societies and states worldwide.

Treatment of neurodegenerative disorders is so far an unmet medical need. Available symptomatic drugs provide modest relief only for relatively short time period and they are not able to stop the continuous progression. Due to close correlation between aging and the continuous increase of aging population in practically all areas of the world the number of cases suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders is continuously growing. This generates an enormous market potential for efficacious treatments.

Epidemiology of aging population

In spite of the current annual market size in the range of 7.5 - 9 billion USD for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, there is an expected increase over the next years up to about 50 billion USD. This is anticipated on one hand by more accurate and earlier diagnosis of the disease and on the other hand by the potential introduction of new disease-modifying treatments which would be used more widely than the current symptomatic drugs. In addition, potentially approved medications will certainly be in a higher price segment compared to the relatively modest cost of current treatment the majority of which is generic.

Epidemiology: 2015 Estimates including prevention market

Treatment of dementia, mainly of Alzheimer’s disease, will certainly be the biggest and the fastest growing market for new drugs developed by AGORA. The scientists at AGORA Pharmaceuticals s.r.o. are developing a wide portfolio of different drugs and drug combinations targeting different stages of the disease and forming a platform for personalized medicine. Our products will successfully enter the market because we are utilizing well-known therapeutic principles. Additional synergistic combination of different treatment strategies will ensure a fast pro-cognitive effect, and a long-term stabilization of the disease progression. Our products may be protected by patents which will give AGORA a unique and stable position in the global market. Compared to the immune-therapy using expensive Biologics, which will in addition need frequent invasive administration, our products will be comparatively inexpensive and orally available. The use of modern formulation techniques will allow once daily dosing.