Our solution

Complex solution for Alzheimer´s disease therapy. Development from idea to real solution.

  • Three different drug substances by now (Agora 1, Agora 2, Agora 3).
  • Different approach to treat Alzheimer´s disease in each of them.
  • Targeting different Alzheimer’s disease pathways with our drug candidates to minimize the failure.
Phase Primary goal Dose Patient monitor Typical number of participants Success rate
Preclinical Testing of drug in non-human subjects, to gather information on efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics Unrestricted Scientific researcher Not applicable (in vitro and animal studies only)  
Phase 1 Testing of drug on healthy volunteers for safety and pharmakokinetics Starting at subtherapeutic dose, but with ascending to therpeutic levels Clinical researcher 20–100 normal/ elderly healthy volunteers Approx. 70%
Phase 2 Testing of drug on patients to assess safety / tolerability; first assesmaent of efficacy Therapeutic dose Clinical researcher 100–300 patients with specific diseases Approx. 33%
Phase 3 Testing of drug on patients to assess efficacy and safety Therapeutic dose Clinical researcher and personal physician 300–3,000 patients with specific diseases 25–30%